Providing business funding for virtually any aspect of a business for just about any type of business

Our Services

Commercial Real Estate Financing                                              Construction Financing

SBA Lending Programs                                                                Medical/Legal Financing

Business Acquisition/Partner                                                        Buy-outs Bridge/Hard Money Loans

Equipment Leasing programs                                                       Equipment Sale Leaseback Programs

Annuity Financing                                                                         401K Business Rollover Program

Accounts Receivable Financing                                                    Purchase Order Financing

Inventory Financing                                                                      Franchise Financing

Contract Financing                                                                       Specialty Medical Finance Programs

Debt and Equity Financing                                                           Distressed Note Acquisitions

Stock Loans                                                                                 Energy/Commodity Finance

Venture Capital Financing                                                            Large Project Financing

Merchant Cash Advance Programs                                             Unsecured/Secured Lines of Credit

Business to Consumer Finance Programs                                  Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Program

As a full service commercial business and real estate financial consultant company, The Diverse Financial Group is able to provide business financing ranging  from $10,000 to over $500,000,000 to businesses with virtually any type of credit and in any industry. We not only assist businesses who did not meet the banks lending guidelines but we will also have programs for businesses and commercial real estate investors with prefect credit and financials that are very competitive from lenders and banks with programs that are more attractive than most banks people know about..